There are patterns and projects I see from time to time that make me want to pull out the knitting needles. When I’m at a Stitch and Bitch, and someone’s working on socks, I always think, “I’d like to make socks,” but I never do… 4 tiny needles, lightweight sock yarn–it looks like it would take forever, and I have a relatively short attention span. Along comes Crocheted Socks: 16 Fun-To-Stitch Patterns by Janet Rehfeldt and Mary Jane Wood.

These socks are not the bulky slipperish patterns you sometimes see called “crocheted socks.” The patterns are made using the same great sock yarns with stripes and patterns that knitters use. The book begins with a helpful section demystifying sock construction, measurements and special stitches and goes on to include 16 different patterns.
The patterns range in complexity from easy to advanced, some take advantage of crochet’s unique stitch patterns, some mimic knitting with ribbed cuffs, slip stitches and “split” single crochet techniques. There are even fun patterns for “thong” socks and colorful toe socks.

Who knows, maybe I’ll have some handmade socks of my own soon.

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  • September 6, 2005 at 1:00 pm

    I have looked at this book and it does look interesting. Socks are one thing that I have never tried. Maybe, I will pick up the book again and see what I can do. Thanks for the reminder!

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