Many know already that my favorite fashion magazine is Teen Vogue. I’m not ashamed. Really. I like it because the designs are fresh, and often seem more wearable than those in “adult” fashion magazines. I often find inspiration for crochet designs from ready-to-wear fashions I see in the mag. Also, the format is small and portable–it’s great for reading on the plane or carrying around in your knitting bag. So I was pleased to see that the current issue has crochet on the cover! The sweater is from Moschino Jeans (but i couldn’t find it on their web site or any other). It’s a cute cap-sleeve shell cardigan. I like the rust-brown color combination. And from the position of the shells, it looks like maybe the bodice is crocheted from side-to-side. Anyone seen this in a store?

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Ok, I admit it…

2 thoughts on “Ok, I admit it…

  • April 19, 2006 at 5:55 pm

    It’s my favourite mag, too! I haven’t seen the new issue yet, but I’ll be on the lookout.

  • April 29, 2006 at 6:01 am

    I haven’t checked it out, but I spotted that top in a heartbeat! It looks like an easy top to duplicate.

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