Toasting Kim
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We tried to send this to kim via camera phone, but for some reason, I can’t text message someone in Canada–who would have thunk? Anyway–this is Vashti, Robyn and I at the CGOA charity dinner and fashion show–I took the train back up to Phili on a whim last night to see everyone again. We had a great time and saw some amazing designs in the show including a very cute pair of crocheted culottes. Vashti had a swingin’ 50’s-style skirt, and Robyn’s bra, which she had entered in the BRA-VO auction, rightly won first prize!

Also at the table, but not pictured were buddies Drew Embrosky, Doris Chan and more–Doris and I share a love of one-piece construction in our designs, so it was so fun to talk to her–she’s an amzing designer and she’s got a fantastic new lace book coming out this fall.

Toasting Kim

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    So exciting!

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