Kim has a great essay in the hot-off-the-presses issue of Knit.1, about how she’s a TV-junkie (me too) and uses TV as a way to keep her focused on her crochet, and uses crochet as a good excuse to watch TV.

I really try to knit and crochet while I watch TV, but alas, this sort of multi-tasking is not my strong suit. I’ll find myself zoned, needles idle, wondering how long it’s been since I’ve completed a stitch. I’m addicted to Veronica Mars, but I’m a little late to the party, so I’m catching up with Netflix. Last night I watched 4 episodes, but only knitted about an inch of stockinette. (BTW, I’ll be TiVo-ing the opening of Season Three–saving it until I finish watching Season Two, so if you’re watching Tuesday night, no spoilers, please!)

Combine my inability to walk and chew gum with the fact that lately, I’ve become very jealous of the chics at SnBs who can knit and talk while looking me in the eye, and voilĂ ! I decided to teach myself to knit without looking. I’m not a fast knitter, and so beginning this task, I realized I’m not much slower knitting eyes forward… I’m getting better, but as I get faster, I’m a little more likely to dip down and grab the wrong row with my needle. Actually, I don’t find this problem on the purl side ’cause the bumps are easier to navigate with the needle. My sharp Denise needles make this especially easy to do, as well. I’ll wait until I’m more adept to try it with the Addis.

Oh, back to Knit.1–they also had a hilarious letter to the editor from someone who, although she falls in the target demographic does not get the aesthetic of the magazine at all. I applaud them for printing it–it’s a good laugh for those of us who do like the magazine, but what I also find interesting is why someone who doesn’t like an entire publication (not just one article or whatever), would take the time to send a letter about it–why not just stop buying it?

I heard some other Knit.1 news through the grapevine, and that is, that upcoming issues (not sure when this will start), will feature only 50% Lion Brand yarns, so that should be an exciting twist!

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"Look Ma, No….Eyes?"

3 thoughts on “"Look Ma, No….Eyes?"

  • September 10, 2006 at 11:21 am

    Ohh, I heart watching t.v. and crocheting. But most of the time, I’m here working at the computer and typing while I create. Saves the time of doing it twice (and from poorly written notes that look like Sanscrit). But I hear ya. Sometimes I look down and I’m like, “Crap. I have to count the whole row over again b/c I don’t know where I am.” It gets old quickly.

    I just read your article in Yarn Market News. Nice job!

  • September 11, 2006 at 8:37 am

    I’ve become a big fan of watching tv on dvd. I watched the first couple of seasons of Six Feet Under while madly crocheting swatches for our TYV book. After a year and a half, and I finally watched the series finale last month. During a new crazy time that involves lots of stitching, I’ve decided to bite off an even longer series, and just watched the very first disc of Buffy, Season 1. And dontcha know? Neither of our local video stores carries it. So I have to wait on the 2nd disc from (same as Netflix). Yowza. I’m dying, here.

  • September 11, 2006 at 5:16 pm

    YES. Tee-Vee on DVD is a must. We watch a lot of shows that way, except anything on HBO (no commercials!) OR, we buy the season DVD and watch it with our best couple friends. We have a long standing Sunday night dinner and at least 2 – 3 episodes of something on the boob-tube.

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