It’s interesting (and a relief) to finally begin to dig down into my virtual and actual to-do piles now that I’m  catching up on things after the move. In May, right before moving, I was putting the finishing touches on a few new patterns, getting them ready for the Columbus TNNA trade show, having photoshoots and finalizing pattern details. Then, the movers came, and the actual “publishing” of the patterns got delayed. (Even though I had mentioned most of them on the blog back in the spring). So, over the next few weeks, I’ll be releasing them one-by-one.

Since we’re already on the subject of soft and warm yak yarn, I thought I’d start with Yogan’s Hat.

Yogan's Hat

This was my first experience knitting with 100% yak down, and it was lovely and natural feeling, and perfect for being next to sensitive baby skin. The yarn was soft and springy while I was working with it, but after I finished the hat, I gave it a quick wash and it bloomed and softened even more.  The beautiful chocolate brown is the natural color of the yak. As with the Cosmopolitan Cowl, I actually got the inspiration for this pattern while at TNNA looking at the beautiful pictures of the yaks in Eileen and Carl‘s booth. The Yak who inspired the cap was named Yogan so I named the pattern after him.

Yakity Yak

This is Lars. I grabbed him at a neighborhood Easter egg hunt back in Takoma Park and convinced his mom to let him be my model.

You can buy the pattern PDF for $4.00.

If you have a yarn store and you’d like to offer the pattern to your customers in print or via PDF download, please visit The Stitch Cooperative.

Now with More Yak-A Baby Hat Pattern
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  • hey, check it out, im finally blogging again!

  • micheljohnson98

    Heheheh cute baby .. and Johanna congrats for blogging again .

  • Awesome–I’ll go check it out!

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  • My mother is very good at knitting, she knits really well, I am lucky enough!

  • suchinhmc83

    Good design..suits on that sweet baby.

  • So your brand ambassador is Lars.He is so sweet.

    Your Yak-Baby Pattern is really nice.

  • asuchi97

    Very well knitted. Very beautiful. I want to have that design. Really liked a lot.

  • lisa54068

    Awesome design. I like it a lot & it suits on that sweet baby.

  • The lovely lars is looking so cute.Hehe!

  • Lars is so cute.I will check it out.

  • You are good in knitting huh. Cute knitted cap and the baby.

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