Jay's Summer Hat - 03

If I’d been living anywhere else, I think this hat would have been lost for good. I was almost done the night I lost it. I got home from Selma’s softball game, where I’d been working on the hat and I was changing to go to out to dinner when I realized I didn’t have it anymore. I scoured the house, and when I left, I had enough time to retrace my steps and ask around: the ball field, the Baja Taco where I’d picked up dinner for the kids. Nothing. I hate losing things, and I stewed about it most of the night.

Jay's Summer Hat - 08

In the morning, I went out and tore the car apart but it wasn’t there. I had gone out the back door, and when I went to go in the front door, I found my little project bag hanging on the front door. Special delivery–the bag had been found, recognized and dropped off by fellow knitters!

Jay's Summer Hat - 05

Jay had commissioned the hat and picked the colors himself. I didn’t have a color-work pattern in mind, I just started playing with color and the little circles evolved. This intuitive way of creating pattern is my favorite because you don’t have to “get it right,” you just do what seems like fun in the next round and watch it grow.

Jay's Summer Hat - 07

The hat is worked in back loop single crochet in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (thanks, Becca!) and three different sizes of hook–4.5mm for the crown 5mm for the color work and 3.5mm for the ribbing.

Jay's Summer Hat - 01

Intuition and Luck
  • http://twitter.com/CraftyGal65 Cora Shaw

    Love the hat and are fiberartists the greatest?

  • http://www.thehookandi.com plainsight

    Certainly are!

  • Karli

    I like it a lot! A great way to use favorite colors.

  • http://yoelknits.blogspot.com Yoel

    Wow! That's a great crocheting community! The hat is super too!

  • http://www.thehookandi.com plainsight

    It is an amazing community, thanks!

  • EL

    What a super hat! I like Jay's taste in colors! How about a pattern?

  • http://www.thehookandi.com plainsight

    Hi El–this hat was a “vacation” from designing for me… I just worked it
    as I went and followed my gut, so there's no pattern–but you're welcome to
    copy the color work design if you want…



  • http://twitter.com/strandcrochet Amy Maxwell

    I've been doing a lot of experimenting with back and front loop crocheting lately. I really love the textured look of it and it's perfect for this hat :)

  • http://www.thehookandi.com plainsight

    That sounds lovely–do you have some pictures?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RQJO6J3MZ6FA5O3T65NBAHPQY4 kimt

    glad you got it back!

  • http://www.thehookandi.com plainsight

    Me too! I'm now looking forward to getting back to this boy and his big
    sister after a two week trip for grad school. I miss them! Thanks for your

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_F6HIBYQIKT7AHQQDJDCZMCUJHQ Pamela

    This is really a great hat, very trendy and perfect for kids thru young adults!!!