In Praise of Mending

photo credit: Kirstea

When’s the last time you fixed something instead of throwing it away? I have a love-hate relationship with mending. I can’t stand to get rid of clothes just because they need repair, (so much of our wardrobe comes from thrift stores–I’d hate to end the cycle of re-use) but mending is always something . . . → Read More: In Praise of Mending

It was all because of the grommets

A few weeks ago, I was in our local little fabric store picking up some pretty silk/cotton fabric that my friend Jenny was going to sew into a dress for Selma. I do not have a good relationship with my sewing machine. I think about those VW commercials from the 90s where they talked about “farfegnugen,” . . . → Read More: It was all because of the grommets

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