Rippling Along

“Like a blanket to wear around your neck,” we agreed. I’d been chatting with Melissa, who owns Seaside Yarns–the lovely little yarn shop here in Juneau. We are both crocheters from childhood and we have strong associations with granny squares and the popular zigzag patterns of the 1970s. My house has my grandmother’s scrap blankets on . . . → Read More: Rippling Along

Sara’s Hat — A New Pattern @Craft

Craft Magazine has just published my latest pattern, Sara’s Hat, on their blog. It’s a perfect fall hat–a soft beanie worked in squishy wool (Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Hand-Dyes). Back loop single crochet is finished with Crab Stitch (reverse single crochet) for a nice, braided edge.

I crocheted this hat for my sister-in-law Sara, and when I . . . → Read More: Sara’s Hat — A New Pattern @Craft

Feeling Sheepy

photo credit: JOE MARINARO

I’ve always had a thing for sheepy yarns. You know the kind I mean. They smell earthy, feel a bit like lanolin. They maybe even have a bit of straw left in them (Spinners call this “VM” for “vegetable matter”). When I lived in Maryland I was surrounded, north and south, by . . . → Read More: Feeling Sheepy

Knitting of the Mind

Do you ever have periods where all you do is think about working on projects but nothing gets made? Well, I’m on vacation, so I don’t have any deadline knitting, but since I made a swatch on the airplane, I haven’t picked up needles or hook. Of course, I have been dreaming up projects. The kids . . . → Read More: Knitting of the Mind

New Pattern: Isoceles Shawl

I made this shawl last fall for the new Tension Magazine and it’s finally been released. This narrow shawl was worked in Filatura di Crosa Superior, a very fuzzy cashmere silk that was lovely to crochet. It’s a filet-crochet style pattern that shifts organically from triangles (hence the isoceles) to diamonds (double triangles) and back to . . . → Read More: New Pattern: Isoceles Shawl

Tis the Season for snow, and gifts!

Yesterday we got a huge dump of wet, wet snow, the city almost shut down which is saying a lot for Cordova. The snow removal machines (And James who seems to be constantly shoveling our BIG driveway) have had a very hard time keeping up. Snow keeps falling off the roof (roofalanche!) and piling up in . . . → Read More: Tis the Season for snow, and gifts!

In which I brave a storm to take a photograph

There’s been a mini spinning boom here in Cordova. Earlier in the summer a couple of people in town expressed an interest in learning to spin, and Dotty had a class. I dusted off my wheel which had been hibernating most of the year and started spinning a little too. Selma wanted to learn, and when . . . → Read More: In which I brave a storm to take a photograph

Instant Scarfettication

Yesterday I was teaching at The Net Loft when I had one of those strange convergences whereby the need for something springy to wear (brought on by a bit of rainy weather) and the urge to crochet a quick project ended hitting me right as I walked past the cubby of Noro Silk Garden. (I swear, . . . → Read More: Instant Scarfettication

Tax Day Treat – Waltz Pattern Sale

Because everyone should get a little treat on tax day, and because I wore Waltz the other day and renewed my love for it, I think you should have one too.  Therefore, for today only, Waltz is only $2.00. Enjoy!

Waltz is cozy, and lightweight, stretchy and lacy all at once. It’s flattering and fun to wear. . . . → Read More: Tax Day Treat – Waltz Pattern Sale

Potage, Baguette, and a New Pattern

OK, let’s start with the new pattern. You might have already heard that the new Twist Collective is out. It’s a great issue with some fabulous articles and a great selection of patterns. I especially liked all the socks. I have a pattern in the collection called Pidder Pat (above). It’s a baby sweater crocheted from . . . → Read More: Potage, Baguette, and a New Pattern

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