Alaskatarian: Dancing for Our Supper

The Ant and the Grasshopper

First published in The Cordova Times, 9/28/2012


We have a tough job here in the North during summer. It’s like we have to play both sides of Aesop’s fable of the grasshopper and the ant: we must play while the sun shines AND save enough food for winter. With a summer like . . . → Read More: Alaskatarian: Dancing for Our Supper

Head, Squared…

There’s a small but growing boy in my house who needs a new hat. Last week, he put on the hat I made him a couple of summers ago and said, “my hat shrunk!” I think it’s more likely that his head grew, but either way, it no longer fits.

Jay wearing his hat in 2010 . . . → Read More: Head, Squared…

In the Kitchen with Marge – Creamy Truffled Polenta Recipe

Photo by Diane Jeantet for The Cordova Times

First published in The Cordova Times, 9/14/2012

Nine in the morning came a bit early last Thursday. It was chilly and overcast on my walk down Lake Avenue, but when I arrived at The Little Chapel kitchen I was greeted warmly by our visiting chefs, Marge Perry and David . . . → Read More: In the Kitchen with Marge – Creamy Truffled Polenta Recipe

Rippling Along

“Like a blanket to wear around your neck,” we agreed. I’d been chatting with Melissa, who owns Seaside Yarns–the lovely little yarn shop here in Juneau. We are both crocheters from childhood and we have strong associations with granny squares and the popular zigzag patterns of the 1970s. My house has my grandmother’s scrap blankets on . . . → Read More: Rippling Along

A Slice of August

First published in The Cordova Times, 8/31/2012

A couple of weeks ago, I took the kids on our our first pilgrimage “down south” since 2010 to my family’s tiny cottage in Northern Wisconsin. People from my dad’s side of the family have been spending the summer in those woods on Lac Courte Oreilles for a century. I . . . → Read More: A Slice of August

The Birth of a Cocktail (with recipe, of course!)


Somehow over the course of a couple of days, we got from this:

To this:

Well… I blame Rebecca, who said this:

See… On Sunday, my birthday, the kids presented me with a homemade marshmallow “shooter.” They made some for themselves too. After the kids went to bed, we adults tried them out. I have to admit they are . . . → Read More: The Birth of a Cocktail (with recipe, of course!)

Painting with Wool

The last time I taught my Sweater Reclamation class (up-cycling old wrecked wool sweaters into fun felted projects) my students really got into the little needle felted embellishments that we were adding so I promised them I’d offer a needle felting class. Tonight we met at The Canvas–which is a wonderful non-profit art studio in Juneau–and . . . → Read More: Painting with Wool


I’ve just gotten back from a long weekend on “The Spit” in Homer, Alaska attending the Kachemak Bay writer’s conference.  As keynote speaker Barry Lopez reminded us that “the first rule of writing is to pay attention,” I realized that I want to return to blogging as part of my writing practice. I have neglected this . . . → Read More: Spitfire

New Pattern on CRAFT: Crocheted Mobïus Cowl

This pattern sat and hibernated by my desk for some time before I got a chance to publish it. Now that it’s out there, I’m thinking it might be fun to make another. I’m contemplating scrounging about in my stash for some complementary colors (it can be made with practically any yarn), but first I’ve got . . . → Read More: New Pattern on CRAFT: Crocheted Mobïus Cowl

A Christmas at Home

Ever since we moved to Alaska, I’ve thought it would be fun to spend the holidays here–avoid travelling, and get to experience an Alaskan Christmas. This year, I finally convinced my mom, and my brother and his family to come join us in Juneau for the holidays. I’m so excited, but I’m also completely unprepared. I . . . → Read More: A Christmas at Home

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