Knit Sighting

This was sent to a local stitch-n-bitch e-mail list that I’m on here in DC. It’s on a hillside in Italy. What I love about the knitted sculpture (other than it was supposedly knit by local “grannies”) is that they

Pattern Published: Laptop Sleeve

IMG_1873.JPG Originally uploaded by plainsight. This is the pattern for the powerbook cozy I made while was in Wisconsin. Special thanks to Megan who tested the pattern for me. You can see the one she made on her blog. Luckily

Pumpkin Treat Bag

Pumpkin Treat Bag Originally uploaded by plainsight. I created this bag for a class I’m teaching at Michael’s in Rockville, MD in October–I wanted an easy fall project, but I didn’t want to go the jack-o-lantern route. Working with Caron’s

Pattern Published-Water Lilly Shawl

IMG_1833.JPG Originally uploaded by plainsight. This is a shawl I originally made for my grandmother’s 89th birthday. I wrote about it last month, but didn’t post any pictures. It is a convertible shawl/wrap/shrug – you can see Grandma wearing all

Google Calculates

Google has a calculator and it speaks English! I was looking for an English to Metric conversion calculator this morning to try and figure out how much yarn I had in a small ball. My postal scale measures only in

Yarn Review: Singing about Karaoke

Felted Bowl Originally uploaded by plainsight. I finally got my hands on Southwest Trading Company’s new single strand roving-style yarn, Karaoke, thanks to a sample I received last week. It’s 50% wool, 50% soy silk, (100 meter/50g ball) and it

Martha, Lily and the Yarn Bus

I just finished watching the episode of the new Martha that I had TiVo’d today. I missed the first episodes, but luckily, this was the Poncho episode. So, I thought there would be a lot of talk about crochet. There

Crochet Library: Crocheted Socks

There are patterns and projects I see from time to time that make me want to pull out the knitting needles. When I’m at a Stitch and Bitch, and someone’s working on socks, I always think, “I’d like to make