Knitting on the Wire

The knitting magazine, Cincinatti Knitting, has started an online resource for knitting in the news. They take articles from newspapers and blogs online sources and wire services and collect them into one page with abstracts and links. All links are

Next Steps in Knitting

Next Steps in Knitting Originally uploaded by plainsight. Here are two of my knitting students from Now and Then in Takoma park. They’re posing with one of our class projects–a hat I designed using Southwest Trading Company’s Karaoke. It’s a

Design Tip of the Week: Record Yourself!

8/11/05 Originally uploaded by velvetdahlia. JD–a crocheter from St. Louis who is active in e-mail lists and always very helpful suggested a mini tape recorder might come in handy while designing a garment. I think this is a fantastic idea.

The Knitty Gritty Does it Again!

I’ve talked about this show a bit in the past–Vicki Howel’s knitting show on the DIY network is a 30-minute knitting show that crams in lots of patterns and techniques with a young, fresh additude. What I particularly like about

What Have I been Doing?

Sari Silk Purse Originally uploaded by plainsight. Not blogging, obviously… I’ve been pretty busy lately with teaching, and I’ve been having a great time! I have a weekly gig teaching a class of 15 6-8th graders in Bethesda–they’re amazing, they’re