Is someone at the FTC a Princeton grad?

(Consider this my foodie Friday contribution). When I heard that Whole Foods was trying to buy smaller natural food chain Wild Oats, I was a little disappointed. When we lived in Princeton, NJ a couple of years ago, there was

Eye Candy you can Eat!

Knit Night Cupcakes Originally uploaded by teenytinyturkey I’m in heaven. Two of my favorite things combined. Knitting, and vegan cupcakes. Somebody pinch me! Thanks to Natalie for the tip/link… Technorati Tags:knitting, vegan, baking, chocolate, cupcakes, marzipan

Crochet Me — The book!

So, one of the most exciting things about being at TNNA this weekend (more pictures below including teaching Amy Singer to crochet, a sit-in on the show floor, and on…) was seeing the preview for Kim Werker’s new Crochet Me