Blogless in Seattle

Seattle Trip Mosaic Originally uploaded by plainsight Well, not really, just too busy to blog. Selma and I just got back from a trip to Seattle to reconnect with old friends, good food, beautiful surroundings (despite the weather). I heard

Robyn’s amazing buttonhole tutorial

Step 1- locate real buttonhole Originally uploaded by rchach Robyn, over at Crochet By Faye, has a fantastic tutorial on how to move a buttonhole you’ve put in the wrong place in crocheted fabric. There are lots of other ways

Meet Pearl

Meet PearlOriginally uploaded by plainsight When this bear arrived in the mail from Southwest Trading Company the kids immediately wanted to name it. They settled on Pearl. She’s here to be a model. Yesterday I got signed contracts returned to

Craft is Everywhere

I’ve been telling my brother the computer programmer what a big deal Ravelry is for some time now. It seems he has had “industry” validation, and now believes me. Here’s the e-mail I got from him last night: Ravelry makes

Cat Distractions

Honey Likes Crochet Originally uploaded by plainsight So, lots of fiber stuff happening here, but not much I can blog abou yet. Since I don’t have any more baby knitting, I’ll distract you with cat photos… Honey has agreed to

Wearing History

O’Neill sweater and cap Originally uploaded by johnmarkos Solveig, now a whole two days old, is wearing the O’Neill “coming home” outfit. It’s a sweater and cap knit by my grandmother for my dad, her first child, 66 years ago.

Solveig’s Diaper Cover

Solveig’s Diaper Cover Originally uploaded by plainsight Last night I meant to make this at SSK (Silver Spring Knitters, our local knitting group), but when I arrived I realized I’d printed blank pages instead of the pattern. So I didn’t

I’m an Auntie!

IMG_1121.JPG Originally uploaded by johnmarkos (Again.) My nephew John Haley got a new sister this morning. Solveig Cady O’Neill. I love the mutual admiration happening in this photo.

Portugese Freeform

Brasilbag finished Originally uploaded by quartodeideias I love the work being done by Sara Aires, a freeform crocheter from Brazil Portugal (Update: I got an e-mail from the artist today. She’s from Portugal–not Brazil. I made the assumption because the