PikePine–Seattle Street Fashion

Baguette Box – Capitol Hill, Seattle Originally uploaded by pikepineblog Jasmine has a great blog capturing Seattle street fashion–makes me miss Seattle a lot! I love the purposeful casual sensibility as well as the ability to wear jackets and sweaters

Japenese Ribbon Bow Video

Via Natalie linked to this on the Craft blog, so you’ve probably already seen it, but I think I’ll be watching it again and again, so… here you go! How To Make Star-Shape Ribbon – The most popular videos are

Retro iPod Cozy

DSC01845 Originally uploaded by julieb1972 Julie, from Sydney, Australia posted this great iPod cozy with a retro rainbow Apple logo.

Blue Sky cropped cardigan

Blue Sky cropped cardigan Originally uploaded by jesdmill Browsing along in Ravelry, I came across this version of my Blue Sky cropped cardigan knit by stitchywitch. She did such a great job and took such a nice photo, I thought

Deneen’s Recycled Jeans

Deneen has a great idea for creating the knee-length shorts that are so popular right now out of a pair of old jeans–and she got to use a new toy in the process to make the nifty slits that allowed

Birthday Weekend

Birthday Weekend Originally uploaded by plainsight Thanks everyone for your good wishes–we had a wonderful weekend with a trip to Folk Life–not too hot–seeing crafts and hearing music, watching dancers from the Mekong Delta, Northern Ireland, and Virginia. And we