The stuff is gone. It took 10 people 3 days to pack the stuff and it took 12 people one day to load the stuff into crates on trucks to take it to a warehouse where it will be put

More stitching than pitching…

What with the movers being here this week, I’ve fallen a bit behind, but I did want to mention that Selma and I had a great time at Stitch and Pitch on Friday night. We met Rebecca, Lisa, Heidi, Junko

Stripes and Chains

I love the concept of this scarf that I found via Ravelry. The pattern is in Finnish, but we may be able to guess how it was done, or create our own version. The chains must give it great drape

Three more days…

Of a regular work schedule for me, then I’m in full moving mode. The packers come next Monday and my parents will be here this weekend helping me get ready. It’s time to live out of suitcases until August! So

A Garden to Dye For

This little collage was tucked away in a corner at A Tangled Skein. Each plant shown was used to dye a bit of the wool in the weaving in the center. There’s nothing to explain where it came from (I

Thank you, Aunt Rose

It was a nice day for mail. The new Interweave Crochet arrived. I love the Diamond Sage Wrap by Jill Wright and the La Mer scarf by Sheryl Means. La Mer is Tunisian crochet, and there’s a little tutorial to

Worldwide Knit in Public Day

The Takoma Park Knitting Fair is scheduled for this Saturday, June 14th, 12-4 p.m. on “The Deck” on Laurel Avenue between Pizza Movers and the Post Office. I’ll be there with patterns, signing books and generally hanging out and crocheting.


This is going to take a little time: Seriously… I was expecting to come home with less yarn than I brought to TNNA this year. The show was a different experience for me because instead of being there to take

Sneak Preview: Waltz, a vest to crochet

Emily is wearing a new vest that is debuting this weekend at TNNA–it’s called Waltz (because the edging seemed to have a rhythm of one-two-three, one-two-three), it will be available for sale on my web site after the show. Emily

Need that mornin’ cup…

Actually, Jay was just drinking orange juice, but it sure looks like he needed a morning pick-me-up. My morning tea has become more of a necessity lately, and I’ve switched from herb, to green, to, gasp–black! Hopefully after TNNA and