Past and Present, with hat

Back in February we took the kids to Anchorage for the weekend. It happened to be Valentine’s day weekend, and we had a nice time going to movies (Coraline for Selma and Me, I can’t remember what the guys saw)

Local Flavor

I’ve had a great time the last few days hanging out at my LYS, The Net Loft, and helping move yarn around. It’s inspiring to just be surrounded by yarn even if all you’re doing is taking it off of

Instant Scarfettication

Yesterday I was teaching at The Net Loft when I had one of those strange convergences whereby the need for something springy to wear (brought on by a bit of rainy weather) and the urge to crochet a quick project

Wigging Out

So here I am blogging instead of finishing up the remnants of dishes from the book club I hosted yesterday. (More on that, and my boston cream pie in my next post). On Saturday night I got to go to


Hopping between the two outlying states of Alaska and Hawaii is a great way to experience extremes. James is in Hawaii with the ship for training, and last week, the Kids and I flew down to visit. When I left

A virtual move and a physical one…

The move to my new domain has prompted me to finally tell you about another much bigger, real move for our family. First, maybe a bit of background. I don’t talk about family stuff that much on the blog, and