Selma’s Hermione Tie

Selma decided to be Hermione Granger for Halloween, and we’ve been collecting supplies: my mom sent my brother’s graduation gown which I will alter for her robe, she’s selected a chopstick for a wand, and asked me to knit her

Time to move?

I think that our house is kicking us out. Our phone has been intermittently going on the fritz, every time it rains, as a matter of fact. And last week our furnace broke. Someone came to fix it, but a

Familiar Visitors at Knit Night

Last Tuesday, at SSK (Silver Spring Knitters, our local group), I coerced Heidi into modeling my newly completed hat. The cap is a summer version of a hat I wore all winter long. (I’m obsessing a little bit about hats

Make Your Own Shawl Pin

Pam, over at the Knotty Generation has a great free tutorial posted about making your own shawl pin. All it takes is a ring, a few yards of yarn and a crochet hook. The tutorial has great step-by-step photos, and

Meet the Croquis

Amy was writing about a design she’s working on, and linked to a picture of her sketch which she made from one of the Croquis Family, fashion drawings of standard body sizes (including a women’s petite and plus size drawing).

Stranded with Crochet

stranded crochet Originally uploaded by plainsight. When Hannah proposed a Knit Along called I thought it would be a great excuse to practice my stranding techniques. But when she said there were no rules, I got it in my head

Knit with the Brits

I’ve finished my tea and toast, and I really should be starting work (have I mentioned I have piles of other peoples’ knits and crochets in my studio waiting to be edited? It’s a little scary–I have them perched on