Deep Thoughts from the Back Seat (A Haiku)

“I think,” the boy said “Many decisions for kids start with candy.”(Day Two of the National Poetry Month challenge.)

Broken Pastry

Broken Pastry

Broken Pastry My grandmother’s pie crusts were perfect. Fragile containers holding the sweet fruits of her small hands’ hard work. My own crusts were hard and tough as I experimented and strayed from tradition. Until someone taught me a method I could master. Cold fat.

Fire and Fiber Break the Ice

For the month of March, my students from my latest artist in the schools residency at Juneau Douglas High School are exhibiting their work in the gift shop at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center. The lovely folks at the

Please Use Me

This is my favorite find from a recent trip to Anchorage. I was wondering through a sweet little shop downtown called Balliwick. The shop is small and well-curated with a sense of humor. And the last time I was there

This is kind of the perfect image for today…

My girl, playing an old resonator guitar, outside, in Alaska, in February. The guitar, the scooter, the garage, even the vest on her back belong to our friend John who was taking a break from repairing shoes in his garage

Meet Grantangle

This cozy shawl accompanied me around Juneau and on trips this spring, and because the yarn was sent to me without a label, I didn’t even know what I was working with. Except that is was silk. And wool. And

Monday Haiku

  taps on my skylight mist hangs on backlit feathers does he want to come in?   It’s still National Poetry Month! I had to drop out of the 30/30 challenge, but I’m diving back in for the last few

Doing thing backwards, Music, and National Poetry Month Day 7

Today my poetry prompt was to write a reverse acrostic. Acrostic is a type of poetry where usually the first letter of each line ends up spelling out a word or phrase. This prompt breaks the rules a little (I

National Poetry Month, Day 4. Trolling in my notebook.

We have this book called The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts For Your Writing Practice. It’s like an almanac of poetry prompts. Today’s prompt asks you to dig through your journal or notebooks for inspiration. So I trolled through the little

Will National Poetry Month wake up this sleepy blog?

Is this thing on? I know this has been a rather quiet blog over the past year or so. I’ve been wanting to blog, but not just about fiber stuff. My creative work has been focused a lot on writing,