Art in the Air

We’re having a rare sunny day, so I’m going to post quickly and get Outside! This Sunday I got to go to an open house held by members of a woodcut printmaking class here in Cordova. Artist Andrea Rich came

New Pattern: Isoceles Shawl

I made this shawl last fall for the new Tension Magazine and it’s finally been released. This narrow shawl was worked in Filatura di Crosa Superior, a very fuzzy cashmere silk that was lovely to crochet. It’s a filet-crochet style

New Pattern: Sookie’s Scarf

If you haven’t been sucked into the world of vampire fiction, you can just consider my newest pattern something sweet for Valentine’s day and spring. $4.00 This scarf celebrates my love of hearts and my love of vampire fiction–especially Charlaine

Tis the Season for snow, and gifts!

Yesterday we got a huge dump of wet, wet snow, the city almost shut down which is saying a lot for Cordova. The snow removal machines (And James who seems to be constantly shoveling our BIG driveway) have had a

Berry Sweet Rolls (A recipe)

I’ve now been in Cordova for a little over a year, and I’m enjoying being able to attend some favorite events from last year for the second time. Tonight was the Copper River Watershed Project’s Berry Festival. It’s a pot-luck

Past and Present, with hat

Back in February we took the kids to Anchorage for the weekend. It happened to be Valentine’s day weekend, and we had a nice time going to movies (Coraline for Selma and Me, I can’t remember what the guys saw)

Happy Valentine’s Day Hat How-To

Last week I was thinking it would be fun to make something valentiney, and then while I was working at The Net Loft, I re-discovered the Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted semi-solid colors. This combined with the fact that I’m

Lost and Found

Lost. One of the things I love about moving is getting lost. When I’m exploring a new area, I love to wander around back roads feeling my way and learning the area. I had thought that it wouldn’t be possible

Crocheting in spite of me…

On Saturday, we attended the Hamilton College commencement ceremony because it was the last commencement where my dad would be College Marshall–the person who leads the ceremony and directs everyone. (Here he is calling the ceremony to order.) He retires

Downstairs from the fabric store…

…is a tattoo parlor. Yesterday, Emily and I were taking a break from de-cluttering and went shopping for buttons. She dared me to get a tattoo, so… GOTCHA!!!! It’s really a “tattoo sleeve.” I’m not sure when (or why) I