Doing thing backwards, Music, and National Poetry Month Day 7

Jake and Roxy

Today my poetry prompt was to write a reverse acrostic. Acrostic is a type of poetry where usually the first letter of each line ends up spelling out a word or phrase. This prompt breaks the rules a little (I love breaking the rules) and puts the “secret” word or phrase at the . . . → Read More: Doing thing backwards, Music, and National Poetry Month Day 7

National Poetry Month, Day 4. Trolling in my notebook.

We have this book called The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts For Your Writing Practice. It’s like an almanac of poetry prompts. Today’s prompt asks you to dig through your journal or notebooks for inspiration. So I trolled through the little moleskine in my backpack and grabbed phrases I liked. Can you tell that most of the . . . → Read More: National Poetry Month, Day 4. Trolling in my notebook.

Will National Poetry Month wake up this sleepy blog?

Is this thing on?

I know this has been a rather quiet blog over the past year or so. I’ve been wanting to blog, but not just about fiber stuff. My creative work has been focused a lot on writing, and I wasn’t sure this was the venue. But I also don’t really want to have a . . . → Read More: Will National Poetry Month wake up this sleepy blog?

Inspiration in the Mail

New craft books are published every day. I love looking at them all, but the ones that really get my attention are stitch dictionaries. I use them for ideas when I’m designing, and I like just paging through them.

This one, Crochet Stitch Dictionary, new from Interweave, by Sarah Hazell has 200 stitches and combines color photos, . . . → Read More: Inspiration in the Mail

It’s National Crochet Month!

Read to the end of the post for a special Coupon Code!

Thank you to Amy and Donna over at Crochetville for inviting me to be part of the amazing blog tour that she’s arranged in honor of National Crochet Month.

The tour is part crochet-evangelism and part promotion for our chosen charity. The bloggers participating chose Project Night . . . → Read More: It’s National Crochet Month!

Head, Squared…

There’s a small but growing boy in my house who needs a new hat. Last week, he put on the hat I made him a couple of summers ago and said, “my hat shrunk!” I think it’s more likely that his head grew, but either way, it no longer fits.

Jay wearing his hat in 2010 . . . → Read More: Head, Squared…

Rippling Along

“Like a blanket to wear around your neck,” we agreed. I’d been chatting with Melissa, who owns Seaside Yarns–the lovely little yarn shop here in Juneau. We are both crocheters from childhood and we have strong associations with granny squares and the popular zigzag patterns of the 1970s. My house has my grandmother’s scrap blankets on . . . → Read More: Rippling Along

A Fine Mesh

I’m spending twelve days in Anchorage for my MFA residency. All the folks in the UAA low-residency masters in creative writing program gather once a year in July. We spend the day attending talks about the craft of writing and discussing one another’s work. It’s inspiring and exhausting. It’s one of my favorite times of year. . . . → Read More: A Fine Mesh

New Pattern on CRAFT: Crocheted Mobïus Cowl

This pattern sat and hibernated by my desk for some time before I got a chance to publish it. Now that it’s out there, I’m thinking it might be fun to make another. I’m contemplating scrounging about in my stash for some complementary colors (it can be made with practically any yarn), but first I’ve got . . . → Read More: New Pattern on CRAFT: Crocheted Mobïus Cowl

Book Review (and Giveaway!): Seamless Crochet


I always get excited when there’s a new crochet book to explore, but the ones that really catch my fancy are about techniques. Kristin Omdahl’s new book, Seamless Crochet: Techniques and Designs for Join-As-You-Go Motifs, is not just a technique book, it’s a technique new to most American crocheters. Lately, with the help of Robyn Chachula and other innovative . . . → Read More: Book Review (and Giveaway!): Seamless Crochet

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