Model: Linnea Pearson

We have had a looooong winter here in Alaska, and we’re really enjoying it. There is still snow on the ground, even here at sea level, and the skiers and ice skaters are very happy. After a couple of years of not much snow, (my photo almanac tells me last year at this time, things were well into blossom), we have plenty. But as spring is “officially” here,  we’ve reached the equinox, and our long days are back, I’m happy to be crocheting something light and airy–even if it is still frosty and warm.

I created the Alpine Frost Cowl for my sweet friend Missy who’s the brilliant dyer behind Northern Bee Studio. She lives and works here in Juneau, and her colors are inspired by our surroundings. I love collaborating with her because my shapes and stitches are also inspired by the trees, mountains, water, and in this case, frosty windows.

I adapted my nearly decade-old design, the Alpine Frost Scarf, into a cowl because it’s the perfect combination of Missy’s squishy Targhee Baby lace yarn, and wearability–I’m all about cowls these days because they are so pretty and don’t get in the way like a scarf sometimes can. Of course–cowls are also quick projects–a plus when you’re trying out a new lace pattern. Alpine Frost is a great, easy beginner lace pattern. Since my friend Linnea both crocheted and modeled the version in the photos, I am getting ready to start my own cowl. Will you join me? We can post photos on Instagram and Facebook (hashtag #AlpineFrostCAL), and I’ll bet we’ll be done before spring gets too sprung.

Alpine Frost Cowl. Model: Linnea Pearson

Alpine Frost Cowl: Crochet Along with Me