Holiday Spirit – Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

In order to give the kids more sweets to eat things to do while they’re waiting to put on their costumes, I made some gingerbread cookies for them to decorate. They’re not too sweet, which is good because the frosting

Scary Halloween Popcorn Snack

Halloween Popcorn Snack Originally uploaded by plainsight I love this popcorn snack that Jay made in his preschool today. The kids filled a clear food service glove with popcorn. The “fingernails” are made from candy corn. The kids loved using

The Amazing Race

James just got an e-mail from a grad-school classmate Christina Hsu: “My dad and I went on an AMAZING trip this summer that we’d like to share with you. We were among the 11 lucky teams chosen to compete on

Caps A La Carte

It may seem like I have hats on the brain these days (I sort of do–I recently made a knitted hat for my friend Molly that I’ll post about soon). Back in July, I wrote an article for CRAFT magazine.

Tiny Crochet

A good friend had her baby a wee bit early, and so I got to make some very tiny things to warm the baby’s head and feet. I found the bootie pattern online. (It was so easy, I had it

Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo

1020071222.jpg Originally uploaded by plainsight Went to blogger meetup! This smart blogger found profile pics for all the people on her “Blogger Bingo” card and made her own version of the card with pictures.