Familiar Visitors at Knit Night

Last Tuesday, at SSK (Silver Spring Knitters, our local group), I coerced Heidi into modeling my newly completed hat. The cap is a summer version of a hat I wore all winter long. (I’m obsessing a little bit about hats

Getting Loopy

Mary Beth Temple crocheting comedienne and author of The Secret Language of Knitters has started her own Internet Radio Call-in show! For some reason, she saw-fit to invite me as her inaugural guest, so tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. you can


Last night I had to rip out almost 6 inches of the round-yoke cardigan, because of 1/2 a stitch. Yes, I mis-measured my gauge by 1/2 stitch and that meant, by the end of the yoke I was over 30

Polenta Lasagne

A few nights ago, I came up with this recipe after seeing one for a Mexican polenta casserole. With the move coming up, I’ve been looking for easy recipes that we can make with things in our pantry both to

Cupcakes for breakfast?

I awoke this morning, sandwiched between James and Jay, who occasionally squirms his way into our bed before it’s fully light outside. And it wasn’t the lack of space that woke me up–tho my pillow had been taken over by

Tawashi the dishes…

OK, I’ve been telling myself this bad pun all day, (as well as to James and the kids), and it still makes me giggle, so I’m sorry for subjecting you to it. Tawashi is Japanese for “dish scrubbie.” (No, that’s

Round Yoke Progress

Well I’ve finished the yoke, and now I need to separate the sleeves from the body. I’ve changed stitch patterns to differentiate the yoke from the rest of the sweater. I’m still really enjoying crocheting this, when I get a

Yarn Review: Prism Tencel Tape

I recently received a skein of yarn from Prism Yarns called Tencel Tape. Tencel is the more eco-friendly cousin to Rayon. It’s made from cellulose, in this case wood pulp, like rayon, but the chemical processing is a “closed circut”

Clutter in Motion

It’s a beautiful, sunny 60 degree day here in Maryland. Jay is sleeping, James is sleeping, Selma and a friend have been riding bikes and now they’re picnicking in the back yard (they requested sliced oranges, hummus and tortilla chips).