Weight a minute!

Ok, I apologize for the bad pun in the title… My kitchen scale often comes in handy when I’m trying to make use of oddballs and extra bits of yarn. If you’re wondering how much yarn you have left on


My baby, Jay, is five months old today. Since he grew out of his bassinette he’s been sleeping in a baby hammock, called an Amby. It’s on a spring so it sways and bounces gently while he sleeps and he

Project Bag

I found the neatest new project bag at the hardware store yesterday. It’s from a German company called Koziol — I’ve found they’ve got really great designed household stuff in addition to the bag. Check it out! http://www.koziol.de I’m addicted

A Bib Pattern

So, I created a bib pattern the other day which I decided to try and publish electronically. You can see the result on LuLu, below. The LuLu experience was a little frustrating–there doesn’t seem to be that much of an

Round and Round

I’ve been obsessing lately about crocheting in rounds. I’m teaching a class at Pins and Needles in Princeton, NJ on crocheted bowls and baskets… It’s definitely an exercise in letting go for some of my students. When you crochet in