I was on a yarn diet until… someone on an e-mail list I subscribed to mentioned that Elann was going to be selling ORGANIC cotton yarn for under $3.00 per ball. The yarn is made by Pakucho, comes from Peru, and is this amazingly beautiful color-grown cotton.

What’s that, you ask? Color-grown cotton uses ancient heirloom seeds that actually grow in the colors you buy them in–earthy browns, beiges and greens. Of course because it’s organic, there are no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and the farmers use environmentally friendly growing practices. You may have thought conventional cotton was pure and natural, think again.

Anyway, I orderd (gasp!) 20 balls, and it arrived only 3 days after I ordered it. The colors are even more vibrant and amazing in real life. Talk about instant gratification! I haven’t figured out what I will make from it, but I was thinking maybe a tank/shrug combo. Any other ideas?

There is a part of me that thinks I should never buy a new ball of yarn again–that with all the amazing ways to create and recycle fibers out there, I don’t need to. Then I cave. Hmm… maybe I need some of the other colors.

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