Felted Bowl
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I finally got my hands on Southwest Trading Company’s new single strand roving-style yarn, Karaoke, thanks to a sample I received last week. It’s 50% wool, 50% soy silk, (100 meter/50g ball) and it felts beautifully. It’s also a dream to work with, smooth and soft prior to felting and it creates a thick fabric that would work well for hats, rugs and anything sculptural. Felting almost completely obscures the stitches. (It would be great for a throw rug!) I washed it twice and it shrank to less than half its size, and it keeps a bit of the soysilk sheen.

These photos don’t really do the bowl justice–I may shoot some more tomorrow with better light.

Felted Bowl
Originally uploaded by plainsight

Here’s a picture pre-felting. I love the shininess the soysilk adds.

Stay tuned, I’m creating a set of nested felted bowls and will have a pattern up here eventually.

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