Historian Anthony Grayling has a new book that puts forth the notion that perhaps the Allied forces also committed war crimes during WWII. What in the world does this have to do with crochet, you ask?

Well, I heard him on the radio the other day, and he quoted Mao Tse Tung as saying “War is Not Crochet.” OK–this made me stop in my tracks. It wasn’t the quote, per se… Just the notion of Mao having anything to do with crochet. What did Mao know about crochet? Did his mother crochet? Did he? Was crochet popular enough in China during Mao’s reign to warrant such a cultural reference? Google has been no luck in this respect, unfortunately, the only references to the quote I’ve found are in articles about Graylings book. I’ve searched wikipedia and online copies of “The Little Red Book” to know avail… So if you’re a crocheter and a Mao expert, and you can enlighten us, please do!

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Did Chairman Mao Crochet?