I first saw Lexie Barnes sitting outside of The National Needle Arts Association trade conference in San Diego, this past January. She was sitting cross-legged, on the floor, nursing her baby under a sign that said: “No Children Allowed on

Knitting Rules

Stephanie’s new book came today. Despite the urge to chuck everything and sit down to read, I resisted, for now. (OK, I peeked–the 10 ways to spot a knitter in public are hilarious, as is the open letter to the

Morehouse Farms Merino Knits

Yesterday was a big book day–I had ordered Loop-D-Loop, Alterknits : Imaginative Projects and Creativity Exercises, and Knitting for Anarchists some time ago–Knitting for Anarchists has been delayed but the other two finally arrived yesterday. The two books are cool,

Channeling My Grandmother

My “Sitto” (Arabic for grandmother) taught me to crochet when I was eight years old. She passed away last fall, and I inherited a lot of her crochet things–hooks, old pattern books, and a box of granny squares which I