The first "Hookers" were really hookers?"

Urban legend? Wishful thinking? or “true, like in the news”… (Via the Minneapollis Star Tribune) Off the hook: “LACE AND RED LIGHTSEver wonder how the term ‘hooker’ originated as a synonym for prostitute? It seems that during the 1800s, a

Cool Kool-aid

Selma, her friend Elise and I did an experiment today with Kool-aid dyeing. Using some Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool and red (Fruit Punch) yellow (pineapple and mango) and blue (blue raspberry lemonade). We wanted to compare dyeing in the microwave

Project Spectrum April (and May!)

My feather and fan knitting students finished up tonight with great results, and then we walked over to knitting at the Savory Cafe. I worked a little on my April Project Spectrum submission, (look–even my needles are yellow!) and a

A Bevy of Baby Hats

My Middle School Knitters kicked off a new session by making a slew of preemie caps to donate… (um, I don’t know why honey is so fascinated with the hat, but she clearly has some sort of obsession with knitwear–last

I’m almost done…

…with my alpaca cardi a–couple more rows, weaving in ends, blocking–and then it’s on too other deadlines, but here’s what I’d like to be knitting right now… Technorati Tags:knitting, dishcloth, pattern

Did Chairman Mao Crochet?

Historian Anthony Grayling has a new book that puts forth the notion that perhaps the Allied forces also committed war crimes during WWII. What in the world does this have to do with crochet, you ask? Well, I heard him

A Knitting Meme

Kat posted a contest recently: list 5 places other than your house and a yarn shop where you’ve knit: 1) An airplane2) The National Mall in D.C. (O.K., yes, it was knitout so I wasn’t knitting alone.)3) Deep in Wisconsin’s

Ok, I admit it…

Many know already that my favorite fashion magazine is Teen Vogue. I’m not ashamed. Really. I like it because the designs are fresh, and often seem more wearable than those in “adult” fashion magazines. I often find inspiration for crochet

Casting on, and on, and on…

My kids knitting class begins tomorrow and I just spent the evening winding small balls of yarn (I never knew how useful the winder was until I had it!) and casting on 8 or 10 little swatches for the kids

Missing Ann and Kay

I met Ann and Kay back in January in San Diego (we won’t mention how before that, I was the last person to know about their super famous blog.) At any rate, I’ve loved their book ever since I cracked