For those of you who loved Shannon Okey’s first book, Knitgrrl, you’re in luck–Shannon recently released a sequel, Knitgrrl 2, just as full of fun, acessible patterns as the first–if you weren’t familiar with Knitgrrl, then now you’ve got two great books you can add to your library.

Both books have fantastic how-two information, which, as in Get Hooked, Kim Werker’s book that I reviewed yesterday, use pictures instead of just drawings, to teach the basics. (All three books are published by the same house, Watson Guptill.) The instructions are clear and easy to follow. The original book is full of fun, easy patterns that teach basic skills like scarves and wristlets–a cool i-pod purse and leg warmers–there’s even a basic introduction to lace.

In Knitgrrl 2, the patterns continue to be fun without being at all repetitive–there’s a great belt (and I can attest that knitted belts are very popular with the 2 kids classes I teach) and a sideways knit cardigan by Kristi Porter knit in Noro, that I’m sure will have lots of “grown up” knitters running for their needles. (Kristi’s a frequent contributor to Knitty and the creator of the new FrankenKnits site.) Knitgrrl 2, also has a beautiful knit, beaded necklace, and an adorable cropped tank top. Both books are sprinkled with helpful tips and ideas, and are full of fun illustrations by Kathleen Jacques.

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Knitgrrl’s Rock