"Why does Itty Bitty get all of the good stuff?"

Being nearly six feet tall I’ve (This is Johanna!) always been envious of my cute petite friends, but recently my envy has doubled. And I’m not talking about being envious of your average cute as a button 5ft. 2-incher. I’m

Toasting Kim

Toasting Kim Originally uploaded by plainsight. We tried to send this to kim via camera phone, but for some reason, I can’t text message someone in Canada–who would have thunk? Anyway–this is Vashti, Robyn and I at the CGOA charity

Round and Round with Harry Potter

I’ve been sitting for over three hours now, crocheting a sweater for the fall issue of crochetme.com (I can’t say much more about this cool project except that new exciting yarns will be used, a Crochet-Along and several of your

Crocheter’s demand "grown-up" patterns

I spent the day yesterday outside of Philadelphia, PA at a “professional development day” for crochet designers, publishers, editors, etc. (It’s part of the Knit and Crochet Show that’s going on this week.) At lunch we got to see a

Knitting in the dark…

Headlamp knittingOriginally uploaded by plainsight. A dim bar, a car-ride home at night–we’ve all been in places with less than perfect light where we want to keep knitting. Lately I’ve had a chance to try out several solutions to this

Johanna’s TEXT-iles

Johanna has launched her own textile blog today. Her first post is about her demonstration this past weekend at the textile museum. It went really well. We’ll be uploading more photos of the indigo dyeing process as we get them

How far I’ll go for my crochet…

After driving 30 minutes each way to pick up Selma from French Theater camp–I had just gotten home when the director called to say I’d left my knitting bag… Should she leave it at the camp for me to pick