Headlamp knitting
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A dim bar, a car-ride home at night–we’ve all been in places with less than perfect light where we want to keep knitting. Lately I’ve had a chance to try out several solutions to this problem. In this picture, I’m wearing a cyclist’s headlamp–it does a great job of really illuminating my knitting–but it’s not very subtle. By the way, these are really cheap on E-bay.

Speaking of cheap–the other day, I was at Rite-aid and I discovered these finger lights at the cash register for $1.49–a little research, and I found out they’re popular “rave” accessories… They also make great knitting lights–on my left thumb, (I knit continental-style) they light my stitches perfectly, and don’t light everything else in the room the way the headlamp does. (Just remember not to point them towards your husband’s face while he’s driving.)

Ok–here’s the ultimate in low-light knitting… If it weren’t for the price tag ($40 per pair), I would own these needles in many sizes. Needle Light, by MRB Innovations are smooth, lightweight acrylic needles with nice sharp points–they also glow beautifully from the tip to the base.

Unlike their $20/pair competitor from Clover which only is lighted at the tip–these needles really light things up. Not only that, call me crazy, but I really enjoy seeing both sides of my stitches through the clear acrylic needles.

The crochet hook is even better designed than the needles–the wide base creates a very well-balanced hook. I tested a size K, and it created a very nice smooth fabric, and it is really nice to hold. I met the guys from MRB in Indianapolis and they’re serious about creating useful needles and hooks, this is not a novelty product–I only hope that with their success they can produce larger quantities that allow them to lower their prices because I think they could be really popular.

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Knitting in the dark…