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I’ve been away from home for about a week–visiting family and staying at our little cottage in the north woods of Wisconsin (making friends with butterflies and canoeing, but not doing much knitting or crocheting).

This evening, thanks to TiVo, I was able to catch up on a little of my craft viewing–what a great surprise to find Cat on the Knitty Gritty. Cat was fantastic–she cast on behind her back, taught mobïus and lace all in the space of about 22 minutes.

Earlier today, I was folding the mountains of laundry we brought back from the lake, when I decided to check out a Tivo’d episode of Uncommon Threads and found Shannon, friend and Fiber League co-conspiritor showing how to make a fun appliqued tie! Shannon you never cease to amaze me…

Both these episodes will be repeated lots, as all DIY shows are, so “stay tuned.”

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Friends beaming into my living room…