I’m a big fan of old stoves. They’re big and powerful, but can be problematic when they break. In the house we rent here in Takoma Park, we have a stove which is original to the WWII era house. It’s called Caloric. I love it. It has 4 strong burners plus a big griddle in the center. It’s wide and has a standard oven, plus a broiler drawer and storage on the side. Unfortunately, It’s by a door. The door swings open, the pilot lights go out. If I don’t notice this, we get a gas smell. After relighting all the lights a while back, the smell persisted, so I wondered if there was something wrong with the stove.

First, a plumber came out and replaced some old piping, and added a shut-off valve (I’m glad I didn’t know that was not there before!). Today, an appliance repair-man, older than the stove itself, came to take a look. He checked for leaks, none, borrowed a straight-pin to clear a clog, and he said, it was good as new. It does feel better.

Simon Brown says, “In Feng Shui, the stove represents the creation of life.” When your stove isn’t working your chi is blocked. When the repairman took my stove apart, I got to clean the inside. Sharon Stansy says “A dirty stove slows chi.” She says a well-working stove can “draw opportunities to you.” Let’s hope so! She has a great article (and a book) about feng shui in the kitchen.

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