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The new Interweave Knits in its redesigned loveliness (including a fantastic piece about Camel yarn from Mongolia), some swatching balls (merino with beads, silk with sequins, yum!) from Tilli Tomas that came in the most lovely silk drawstring bag, and a complete set of Crochet Lites from the lovely folks at Clover USA. The Crochet Lites are shaped like Clover Softtouch hooks, but they’re acrylic and the entire hook part lights up (unlike they’re knit counterpart where only the point lights up). It’s particularly exciting to me because I don’t have a complete set of any type of crochet hook (I’m working on a set of addis, one by one), I may have to make a special case just for them.

UPDATE: I’ve discovered, since I’m up too late, that the crochet lites are bright enough to serve as a small flashlight (yeah LEDs!)–I wouldn’t use them in a movie theater, they’d probably distract other viewers, but they’ll be great for late-night car crocheting.

In the mail today…