BICO Sweater
Originally uploaded by plainsight.

Here’s our neighbor Lyla modeling the recently finished Baby it’s Cold Outside sweater that I made for an old college friend who just had a baby. The design is a fun one by Julie Holetz.

I completed it in a couple of afternoons using stash of colorgrown organic cotton (Inca Cotton for the body and Blue Sky for the edging). Even the buttons came out of my stash, its fun when you can shop at home.

When I finished the sweater, I washed and dried it so it would shrink up and could be washed and dried without worry by the new parents. What I wish I had taken a picture of is how the colors deepened in the wash. That’s one of the bonuses of colorgrown cotton. I’ve got a lot of the Inca Cotton left over, and I’m thinking of using it for a little jacket for myself.

Baby it’s not so cold…