I’m not part of Deneen’s webring–but I do like to bring the food talk to this blog from time to time.

We actually had this dinner last night–but it’s become a new family favorite, and since it’s so easy, I thought it would make a good Friday night meal. When I was a kid, a favorite lunch for both my brother and me was grilled cheese with tomato soup. When I stopped eating heavily processed foods, it was a meal I missed. A couple of weeks ago, my friend Hillary told me about the Creamy Tomato Soup from Imagine foods. It’s not condensed and comes in a 32 oz. container, so one box feeds a family of four. We made grilled “cheese” with Vermont Organics Multigrain bread and Follow Your Heart Vegan Cheese (a mix of their cheddar and montery jack varieties). I served the meal with sliced apples, just like my mom used to. It was quick, yummy, and everyone (including my omnivore husband) devoured it.

Oh, a process note–my mom taught me to make grilled cheese by buttering the outside of the bread–I find with the soft breads I use, that’s not necessarily enough fat on the pan itself, so I’ve been putting the grease (Earth Balance Margarine, in my case) on the skillet itself.

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