Nhoj’s Raglan
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Look what the UPS man dropped off this evening! This sweater was originally designed for Kim Werker’s much anticipated Crochet Me book (more about that soon, we’re going to have a great launch party here in DC on October 14th!). Unfortunately, towards the end of the process, the editors decided the book would be all women’s patterns and this one got cut because it was for a guy (I call it Nhoj’s Raglan because my brother John–who was called nhoj in high school voted on the color arrangement).

Since men’s crocheted garments are few and far between, I wanted this one to be as guy-friendly and wearable as possible. I played a lot with stitch patterns until I found one for the yoke that was solid (linked doubles) and didn’t look feminine. Then the ribbing was kind of a no-brainer. I love the way guys look in ribbed sweaters. Hopefully I can get this on a real live guy model sometime soon so you can see what it’s supposed to look like.

Anyway, once things settle down here, I’ll get the pattern laid out and self-publish it. Meanwhile, luckily, it fits me and the Lana Grossa New Cotton is just perfect for crisp fall mornings.

Ok, back to book work…. 4 more patterns to write… wheee!

Prodigal Sweater