Ribs and Mesh Sweater Published

ribs and mesh Originally uploaded by plainsight You can get the pattern right now in my lulu shop. Wholesale distribution is through Tilli Tomas (http://www.tillitoms.com) Enjoy!

On the hook of Craft

Crochet Me! Originally uploaded by nataliezdrieu Natalie Zee, Senior Editor at Craft Magazine got her review copy of the new Crochet Me book and immediately decided to start making the Baby Doll dress–I can’t wait to see how it turns

Needles Outlawed at UK Hospital for "safety" reasons

Pretty unbelievable. I actually kind of feel sorry for the guy who did this. Once the knitters get wind of it, he’ll wish he had never even thought about banning needles.

It’s almost time for the winter socks, but…

Deneen has created these awesome “Pedicure Socks” which would work great with flip flops or birks or mules anywhere you want to shoe your toes but not be too cold. I love them–and of course no toes mean faster crocheting!