Says die-hard knitter Jennifer:

Dared by [Amy], I have made a crocheted item!

Saw the shop model at the store (A Tangled Skein), and liked it, so Amy dared me to make it. And I have! I think I will get much use out of this!

What I actually said was, “I’ll fall down if you actually make this.”

I think the hat looks adorable. I haven’t held up my end of the bargain yet, the floor at the bar where we knit is concrete, and I didn’t want to hurt myself!

Here she is last night working on it, so you know she did it herself:

Jennifer Crocheting!!!

For a non-crocheter she has quite the collection of pretty hooks, hand-turned wood ones, the new Kollage are ones, and even a Clover light-up one! She’s wearing her newly finished Adamas shawl by Miriam Felton.

On a Dare…