Krum Kakke
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Here’s the first of a few posts wrapping up our recent trip home for the holidays–It was lovely and relaxed and there was lots of time for knitting and crafting and cooking.

Here my dad and I are making Krum Kakke, a traditional Norwegian cookie that’s like a crisp crêpe, made on the iron you see at the bottom of the photo. It takes two people–one to cook the batter on the iron, and one to lift the krum kakke off the iron and roll it around the cone-shaped form. I took the latter job because its hot work, and my years working in the food industry have made my fingers rather insensitive to heat. (Between heat and knitting, I have basically no fingerprints left, or so they told me when I had to get fingerprinted by the county to teach after school children’s classes).

In the photo above you can more clearly see a finished krum kakke and the fabulous apron my mom let me wear. It’s one my grandmother brought back to the states from Okinawa in the late 1960s.

Below, my mom is making another traditional Norwegian cookie, Sandbakkles, with Selma and her friend Nora. Sandbakkles are a sugar cookie type dough that is moulded into little mini tart forms and baked. The apron my mom is wearing is one she made in home economics class in high school!

Krum Kakke