Actually, Jay was just drinking orange juice, but it sure looks like he needed a morning pick-me-up. My morning tea has become more of a necessity lately, and I’ve switched from herb, to green, to, gasp–black! Hopefully after TNNA and the Move, I won’t need to be as caffeine-driven.

I’m in the final stages of packing and getting ready for my trip to Columbus–and as I knock things off my list, it seems to grow longer… Each thing I do makes me remember three things I need to do. Tonight I’m putting the finishing touches on the Round Yoke sweater, and I’ll get it photographed tomorrow so I can bring it to the show. Nothing like a deadline to convince me to finish something!

If you’re going to be in Columbus for TNNA, you’ll most likely find me at the Stitch Cooperative booth: 1056. Hope to see you there!

Need that mornin’ cup…