Pumpkin Carving Party

Last night we had a pumpkin carving party and a few families gathered to eat chili and pumpkin bread, and pear apple cake and carve pumpkins. I loved that most of the kids were old enough to carve their own.

Roundup of Halloweens Past

Wow–I just realized this is the FOURTH Halloween that I’ve been blogging, so I have a bit of goolish content on the blog that it might be nice to revisit. In 2005, my first year with the blog, I made

Selma’s Hermione Tie

Selma decided to be Hermione Granger for Halloween, and we’ve been collecting supplies: my mom sent my brother’s graduation gown which I will alter for her robe, she’s selected a chopstick for a wand, and asked me to knit her

Carol’s Mandala

Carol Ventura has a great post today about how she designed the Sunburst Bowl that’s in the current issue of Crochet Today (A must-have issue, by the way, that features top designers and great editors working within the strict constraints

A Book Club Meal

This afternoon, my book club met at my house. The book for this month was Joe Biden’s Promises to Keep. I don’t usually read autobiographies, but I enjoyed Biden’s and I liked learning more about someone who could eventually be

Technique: Thermal Crochet

When Selma was a baby, I took a class at the Yarn Gallery in Seattle–my then neighborhood yarn store–from Morgan Hicks and I learned to make a crocheted scarf that was double-sided. It’s made with two colors of yarn, one

Crocheting for your feet

The September issue of Crochet Today magazine came out while I was in the midst of moving, and I didn’t get to see a copy until I was in Hawaii (I found it at Safeway!). I have a pattern for


Hopping between the two outlying states of Alaska and Hawaii is a great way to experience extremes. James is in Hawaii with the ship for training, and last week, the Kids and I flew down to visit. When I left