The September issue of Crochet Today magazine came out while I was in the midst of moving, and I didn’t get to see a copy until I was in Hawaii (I found it at Safeway!). I have a pattern for toe-up crocheted socks. Toe-up socks are my favorite method. They do have one challenge, and that is getting a roomy-enough heel so the sock is easy to put on, but the ankle still fits. These are ankle socks because they were originally meant to be in a summer issue, but they ended up in fall instead.

I crocheted two pairs of these, and numerous step-out-bits, because the socks (not me) are going to be featured on Knit and Crochet Today–the companion TV show for Crochet Today that is on PBS. It looks like my socks will be on episode #205, so once the show airs the socks will be available as a free PDF download. I’ll link to it once it’s posted.

The toe and heel are worked in single crochet. I wanted to have a lacy pattern for the ankle and foot, but a solid footbed so the socks are comfortable to walk on. I couldn’t use single crochet because the double crochet from the lace pattern would cause some distortion since it’s so much taller than a single crochet. To solve the design dilemma, I used linked double crochet stitches on the footbed and double crochet for the lace. When worked in the round, the linked dcs have a very nice, smooth fabric which is perfect for the footbed. The ankle is worked in crocheted ribbing, attached as-you-go. The socks could just as easily be made longer. I used two balls of Heart & Sole sock yarn, but had some left on the second ball. Each ball is 213 yards. Working in self-striping yarns can be quite a challenge in crochet–it’s easy to end up with odd pooling or a camouflage effect. Here by playing with the stitch pattern a bit, I was able to get the colors to cooperate.

Crocheting for your feet
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