Crocheted Angel Ornament by Phyllis of Many Creative Gifts (
Crocheted Angel Ornament by Phyllis of Many Creative Gifts (

I like the simplicity of today’s ornament: this little Angel from the Fave Crafts web site.

I spent my crocheting time today working on a gift, so I’m falling a wee bit behind on my ornament making. How about you? I’m also looking for more ideas, so if you’ve seen some fun ornaments out there. Let me know in the comments.

I did finish the gift I was making, and it’s blocking right now, but it’s a heavy wool, so I’m concerned about it drying in time. (I will not, however, be putting it in the oven at 225F as the Yarn Harlot famously did yesterday with a twitter play-by-play. At least, not yet, as I don’t want to take it off the blocking board.) I even photographed the gift in question, and I’ll post the pics after its been given this weekend.

James’ ship got underway for a quickly scheduled buoy tending trip. I’m hoping they get back in time for the weekend’s crazy mess of activities–caroling, Christmas pageant, and a baby shower. But tonight, I’m going to settle down and watch a little TV and try and catch up on ornaments IF I can tear myself away from the book I’m listening to on my iPod.

Speaking of books, Selma and I are reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. We’re really enjoying it. I’m looking forward to listening to Gaiman’s reading of the book. I love how he narrates most of his own audio books. His recording of his book Stardust is one of our favorites, the kind of story you can listen to over and over and not tire of it. I’m going to be reviewing a couple of audio books in the coming days, and I have a couple to give away too, so start thinking about your favorite books to listen to.

UPDATE: I did make the Angel tonight, tho’ I haven’t blocked it yet. It was a nicely done pattern and the result is pretty in the fine wool. I’ll post pictures of all of my little ornaments as soon as I can.

Christmas Ornament Crochet-Along Day 10: Angel