It’s starting to feel like summer here. I spotted salmonberry blossoms today, and I’m hoping that portends a good berry year! We spent the last week in Tatitlek, AK – if you’ve been reading the blog for a while you’ll remember that Selma and I went last year.  The whole family came this year for Cultural Heritage Week. We joined kids and chaperones from all over Prince William Sound and we spent the week learning mostly about traditional crafts – beading, skin sewing, carving, weaving.

There was also traditional native Alaskan games, native dance and language. And of course the things that any good camp can’t do without: a talent show, and a Grown-Ups v. Kids basketball game.

Tatitlek is a tiny rural village on Prince Williams Sound between Cordova and Valdez, AK. We got there by boat, it was about a 2-hour boat ride, and it was beautiful and sunny on our way out there. Unfortunately, it rained all week. But it the kids made the best of it finding fun things to do. And we did have a few sun breaks. You can see all my photos from the week on facebook. (I’ll add them to flickr too sometime soon).

We got back Saturday night. Selma only has a couple more days of school, and today, I started school. I’m beginning my MFA program this week, and I already have reading and homework! I haven’t been in school for over 15 years, so I’m guessing this will be a bit of an adjustment, but I am thrilled to be beginning.

The biggest change about this summer is I won’t be going to TNNA. I’m sad to be missing the conference and missing seeing so many friends, but it just made the most sense to stick around. Intsead we’ll be taking a family trip in August and we’ll get to go together to our cottage in Wisconsin, and to my cousin Johanna’s wedding.

I did crochet a bit on the way to Tatitlek–I finished a pair of fingerless knits that had been languishing since my friend Becca’s birthday many months ago. I’ll take a picture of them on her when I see her on Wednesday. This week will be all about finishing stuff and getting it ready for photography. Now if I can only keep myself from starting that hat I want to make for Jay Jay…

School’s Out, and In!