We wear “winter” hats here year round–they just get a little lighter in the spring and summer. Today, I’m wearing Winkin. (In the winter, I wear these lighter hats in the house to keep warm inside).

Last winter I made a tweedy black hat for my friend Pam, and with spring coming she asked if I might make her a springier version and even bought a beautiful skein of Galenas from Three Irish Girls in a custom colorway dyed for The Net Loft called Boswell Bay Strawberry. She wanted a slouchy basic hat, so I worked in the back loop only to keep the fabric flexible, and made a slightly oversized crown. The skein was so generous that even after I’d made the big slouchy hat, there was enough left over to make a wee baby hat for Pam’s baby Isla. It was so satisfying to use up every inch of the yarn, too!

Spring Green Hats