If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you might have noticed that for the most part, my recipes are vegetarian, and often vegan. I stopped eating meat in 1996, and I was vegan for several years. I worked as a vegan chef in North Carolina, I was the nutrition editor of a vegan magazine for parents, I volunteered for the Earth Save, a vegan organization in Seattle. So, I wasn’t just a little bit vegetarian. When I moved to Alaska, my diet shifted. My politics didn’t. I still believe strongly in all of the environmental and ethical reasons for being vegetarian that I did before. I just found that in Alaska, I could eat wild game and fish that was sustainably caught and hunted by friends and family. Many Alaskans naturally live a lifestyle that enlightened city-dwellers elsewhere aspire to: they eat locally, they live with less stuff, they think carefully about their consumption. I made up a name for my family’s style of eating: Alaskatarian.

Recently, I started writing a column for The Cordova Times about food and life in South Central and Southeast Alaska. I used the same name “Alaskatarian” for my column. I’ll be cross-posting those pieces here on the blog from time to time, and I’ll link to the columns from this page. The recipe for the Salmon-Feta Savory pies you see above was in my first column, below.