My brother is a programmer in silicon valley. He keeps me up-to-date on all things digital. The latest great thing come my way is a site called Registering is free–there are no ads it’s completely non-commercial.

It’s just a really amazing way to catalog and keep track of your links. You can bookmark pages you like, as with any link list, but then you categorize your links using “tags” instead of hierarchical photos. Here’s where the magic starts: I tag something crochet. Someone else comes along and browses in on “crochet” they can see my links and anyone elses links with the same tag! When you bookmark a page, you can also see how many people have already bookmarked that page–it’s an instant popularity index.

Another great feature is, uses RSS just like blogs to. So you can subscribe to your feed or someone elses, and using a complementary site site called RSS Digest you can post a dymamic list of links on your blog or any other web page, pulled from your tags of choice and updated automatically as often as you specify.

Well–I know this all sounds very technical–but it was easy and fun to set up, and now you can instantly see where I’ve surfed on the crochet superhighway just by looking at my always up-to-date link list.

Don’t worry… I have a great shrug to show off later!

New Link Feed!