Jay’s first baseball game!

Mariners’ Stitch & Pitch Originally uploaded by plainsight. My son Jay just turned eight months old, and my husband, a big baseball fan, was chagrined to learn that I had taken him to his first major league game last night

Tools and Techniques: Wing Needles and Stilettos

Crocheted embellishments and edgings like this one at Anthropologie are all the rage this season. So, it was no suprise when recently a discussion erupted on the Crochet Partners e-mail list about how to make the holes in fabric necessary

Quick Kerchief

My daughter Selma is in Peace Camp this week and she has a very favorite counselor named Ariel who, I’m guessing, is about 15. She wanted to give her a little present on the last day, so I quickly made

A wish granted!

My RAOK Picasso Potholder, originally uploaded by plainsight. Have I ever mentioned that crocheters are some of the nicest people on the planet? the folks over at Crochetville have a thread called Random Acts of Kindess (RAOK) where you can

Crochet Library: Designing, crocheting, de-stashing

I have a quartet of books to review, so before my stack gets any higher, here goes: Fun and Funky Crochet I like the look and concept of this book better than the execution… Fun & Funky Crochet by Sophie


I jusr received issue #5 of Knit Knit. They describe themselves as “A biannual artist’s publication dedicatd to the intersection of traditional handcraft and contemporary art.” It’s a wonderful zine-style publication with article, interviews and amazing photographs of fiber ART.

John’s Vest

John’s Vest, originally uploaded by plainsight. I just mailed this vest off today, it’s for the son of a friend of mine in Princeton. It’s made with two strands of Cotton-Ease and I used the measurements from a vest in

Happy Independence Day

Nothing do do this Fourth of July? How about knitting a flag with 20-foot needles?? David Cole, the artist who created the flag has also knit a 14-foot teddy bear!